Refining my process

What I do now is I brew up a batch and ferment for about three weeks then purge the keg then it sits in the basement for another two weeks until I finish a keg then I take another keg out of my lagering freezer and pug it on line then one comes off the floor and goes into the lagering chest. What I’m thinking is why bother fermenting three weeks ? Control my fermentation for one week and keg. Let it finish in the keg on the floor. My cellar averages 65deg.

Only down side I see is possibly a bit more yeast sediment in the keg and maybe slightly less yeast in your harvested slurry. You could possibly get a little natural carbonation as they finish up though.

Yes your right, also I wouldn’t be able to cold crash before I keg. It would affect the clarity. OK bad idea. I’ll keep doing it the way I have been.

Hold on there brew cat, I just did my first ferment in a keg, and when the initial ferment was done, take yer liquid side, remove what ever is on the end so all you have is the end of the tubing, attach yer gas, very little pressure and slowly turn it on. So far I’ve been having luck blowing yeast out into a 1/2 gallon measuring hootenanny… I’ve got a bit more experimenting to do but this is turning out to be a good way to handle my brews and not have to use anymore equipment…. I might be able to do away with my carboys!! Sneezles61

Interesting. Why not blow it through a picnic tap. I picture myself blowing yeast all over myself and basement

I don’t want to git anything from the tapper or give to the tapper something that will cause problems… If this will work I will have stuff dedicated to doing this procedure. Sneezles61

You go first

one down, and another one to start thursday… I got to lay meself off for a few days! Sneezles61