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Refill station

just wanted to know if anyone has ever had that water from those refill station at food stores tested. the one I have been using says that it is processed by R.O. filtration but I know that this is false and really would like to know what is coming out of those things, I.E. ph ,hardness, T.D.S. If anyone knows I would be all ears. thanks

I have not and don’t use them, but have read several threads recently talking about them. IMO they are consistently inconsistent… at least that’s what I’ve got from reading a few of these threads. I wouldn’t trust them.

wow, great thread. Only because I have used those before and wondered the exact same thing. The machine itself looks great - talks all about filtration, etc. But of course who knows how much they keep it up and functioning.

Issue is they save at least some money. My local store charges $0.29/gallon versus almost $0.89. I know, not huge $'s, but over the course of a year it adds up

what I really need to decide is if my normal tap water is good enough. Old house I know it wasn’t, but where I am now it is pretty good tasting stuff. maybe I am wasting $ anyways

Anyone know if they are required to provide an annual water quality report? Bottled water companies do.

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