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Red Rye Ale Advice

Alright, relatively new at forming recipes in general so go easy. Just finished drinking Denny’s Rye from Northern Brewer and wanted to brew another Rye beer and at some point got it in my head I wanted a nice Amber Ale as well so I figured I should combine the two.
After doing some research I plugged a combination of a few recipes I found online into beersmith and came up with this.

Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

OG: 1056
IBU: 37.6
SRM 15.2
Bitterness Ration: .6667
ABV 5.3%

9# American 2 Row-72%
2# Rye Malt-16%
.5# Crystal 60 Malt-4%
.5# CaraRed Malt-4%
.5# Belgian Special B-4%

.5oz Centennial at 60
.5 oz Centennial at 30
1 oz Cascade at 10

American Ale II Yeast- I have some readily available and it seems like a decent choice

Mash at 156 for 45-60 to get a full bodied red ale

Jut a personal preference but I’d swap the .5 lb of Special B (just not a fan) with .5 lb. of Wheat or drop it completely. A pound of Caramel Malt (C60 & CaraRed) will be fairly sweet so you might consider adjusting the amount or dropping the mash temp down to ~150F or so, and mash at least 60 min.

For the hops I’d try something like:
.5oz Centennial at 60
.5 oz Centennial at 5
1 oz Cascade at 0

1272 should work great.


Thanks for the advice there. I just tossed in the Carared because I saw it on NB website and it sounded good but I don’t want something to sweet so I might drop it and sub a Car80 for the 60 to make up for the small difference in color.

Anyone else weigh in on the Special B. I saw it in a few recipes I found the other night so I decided to put it down tentatively.

I think you’ll get too much toast with the special B, will clash with the other ingredients. Special Roast would give a little more biscuit without the toast/raisin.

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