Red irish ale clearing problem

I presently have 5 gal of caribou slobber, 5 gal of honey brown ale and 5 gal of red ale in the secondary. The slobber and the honey brown ale are close to completely clearing and look great. The red irish ale seems to be stuck in the clearing process. The clearing seemed to have started but then seems to have stalled. Looks nice and clear about an 1" down from the top of the carboy and the remainder is very cloudy. The red irish ale has been in the secondary 1 week longer than the slobber and the brown ale. The irish red has been in the secondary for 19 days. Should I let it go longer and hopefully it will clear or is there anything I can try to help the clearing process. Thanks for the suggestions,

got the same issue on the first brew did one again few weeks later did add extra yeast and some more irish moss came out nice this time

I believe, if given time, just about anything will clear. Chill it down too ifn you can. Do you keg? Try gelatin, 1 tsp to 4 oz water, heat in spurts to 150*, stirring to dissolve. Rack yer brew into a keg add yer gelatin, put in the fridge and wait a few days and it will clear. Mine clear so bright that some peeps think its big manufacturers stuff!

Thanks sneeez, what is gelatin, Also I do not keg, just bottle. Does this gelatin affect taste?
Thanks again for the help.

Did your first batch ever clear

Unflavored gelatin, you know jell-o? I wonder if you could use it before you rack out of yer secondary into the bottling bucket? Use the same time frame tho… Sneezles61

yes but not as much as i did like must say taste awesome