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Red Baron bottle capper magnet question

I recently received the Basic Starter Kit from NorthernBrewer, which included a Red Baron bottle capper. I noticed the magnet wasn’t seated flat (seemed to put the caps at a slight angle) so I contacted NorthernBrewer and they were helpful enough to quickly send out a replacement at no charge. Pretty awesome customer service, btw.

I received it yesterday and the new one, however, has the same cockeyed magnet, which leads me to think either it’s meant to be that way or the whole batch is off.

Any idea which is which? If so, what is another wing-style capper I might look for to avoid this?

Or am I worrying about something that’s not a problem?


I guess if the bottles don’t leak when capped, you’re OK… maybe do a test and bottle some water?

I just checked my Red Baron that I got last summer and it is the same way.

I’ve capped 4 batches with it and I haven’t have any issues. I think you’ll be OK.

Mine is circa 97 and it’s flat. I would say try a bench capper, but the red baron is still pretty much a necessity for some bottles.

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