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Red ale recipe. Tell me what you think please

This is my first shot at a red. Let me know what you think.

9lb Pale
.5lb Crystal 40
5oz Wheat
.5oz Roast Barley

1oz Wilmt@60
.5oz EKG@15

Wyeast Americal Ale

mash 153 60min.

Lay it on my. Thanks.

My only thought is adding a bit more C40 or maybe some C80 for a deeper color.

Thanks. How much 80 do you suggest I add?

You could cut the Crystal 40 back to .25 lbs and add .5 lbs of Crystal 80. That would give you an SRM around 10, which would be in the neighborhood of a Red color.


Thanks for the help. Ill give er a try and let ya know how she turns out! :cheers:

There is another red ale thread a few below this one with some good information in it. TF&S Dark Crystal has a lot of RED in it and Special B is also VERY red. Your C40/RB will be more amber than anything else. Also, an “Irish” red tends to be more roasty so black malt, roasted barley and chocolate can be used. An American red is usually a little more caramelly so crystal malts can be used. Good luck on the beer.

I was checking out this thread for Shark Bite Red.
Has a ton of crystal malt.

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