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Reculturing Yeast from a Bottle

I want to try reculturing De Ranke yeast. I have a bottle of XX Bitter that was bottled 3/11. Obviously the fresher, the better but at what age is it not worth trying to reculture?

I think you’re fine with this. In my experience, I’d say 2 years is the point of no return. You can resulture bacteria, but my then yeast die. At least that’s the experience I’ve had.

Good to hear, thanks. I’ll give it a go.

Actually I just looked at my plates couple of days ago and I got 3 (though I think that 2 of them are the same) colony types on agar that kills off bacteria. So those must be 2 or 3 different Brett strains (due to their color and appearance, but I’ll know for sure when I look at them under microscope). What I plated were dregs from 2007 Cantillon Iris so… weird, but I guess it’s never actually too late to try reculturing.

Just to follow up, I currently have a batch blowing off using the cultured up yeast.

Thanks again.

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