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Recommended tubing length with brewing pump?

Hello I have a question about what is the recommend length of high-temperature tubing for my brewing pump. It my first time using a pump for brewing I do have 8ft of 1/2inch high-temp tubing but I don’t know if that would be to long or not.

I’ve found that on both the inlet and outlet you don’t want to skimp too much as this can cause the hose to kink and stop flow. Obviously you don’t want to use too much. Find a happy medium which allows good flow and prevents kinking as well as makes hooking up the tubing easy.

How much tubing is system dependent so I can’t really tell you how much you need.

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Figure where your pump is going to be placed whenever you brew… Keeping it rather close to the output of your kettle/mash-tun… And below them. Tubing costs a pretty penny so you don’t want it all wrapped around things willy nilly… Your pump also has limits of how high it can push liquids too. Quick disconnects are great too! I prefer the cam-lock ones… Sneezles61

Agree with both responses above. I’m planning ot replace my QDs with the 90 degree angle cam lock QDs eventually to help with kinking. It’s all system dependent as @loopie_beer said.

Kind of trail and error.

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