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Recommendations for dry English yeast

I normally use WLP002 for the majority of my English ales, but have been thinking about switching to dry yeast for a little while, due to time restraints and my last minute brew schedule these days.

I already keep US-05 on hand at all times for my American ales, so what would be a good all-around dry English yeast to use? What would you recommend?

SO 4 would be my go to for the English dry yeast!

I keep S-04 on hand for bottling yeast, so it would be my choice for a backup as well. Nottingham finishes too dry and I prefer S-04 over Windsor.

S-04 here as well. Cheers!!!

I prefer S-04 also.

I do have one recipe that I use Notty in but all other english styles with dry yeast are S-04

I’ve used S-04 in an imperial stout and a mild with good results in both.
My next planned brew is a bitter that I plan to split and try two different yeasts in; one will be S-04.

Danstar Nottingham has worked very well for my last two english pale ales.


i just used nottingham for a partygyle porter/stout and it turned out phenomenal. fermented in the low 60’s and it turned out very clean. 1.062 to 1.015, and still had plenty of body

edit: looking through my notes. it was acctually 1.059-1.014. my memory must have escaped me on this one :oops:

Thanks for the replies. Looks like I’m gonna do a run with S-04 and see how that goes.

Did a quick no chill extract American amber ale with so4 at 62. No esters, clean flavor and aroma, and the yeast dropped out in 4-5 days like a sack of potatoes. So4 won’t attenuate as much as so5 or Nottingham, but with minor adjustments to mash temp or subbing malt or extract with some simple sugar - corn, table, etc, maybe 5-8% of the malt bill.

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