Recommend a first lager

Six years of ale brewing, now I want to dabble on the cooler side. My main basement area is currently 52* ish, and a storage room at 40* ish.

Normally I like to rotate my styles, rather than stock up on one thing. After the holidays I’m left with a little bit of both White House ales, half a batch of hard cider, and a hoppy pale ale conditioning in bottles. What would both compliment, and brew best in my situation?

P.S. I have other areas in my house around 60* for primary if needed.

Helles, Czech Pilsner or Maibock. 52* air temp should work well.

Now is the perfect time for brewing maibock. For every beer, there is a season. And the season now is for maibock. Malty, with a nice kick. I just brewed one a couple days ago.

Personally, I love a good Oktoberfest. I’ve got one in my garage lagering now for the past 4 weeks.
Haven’t tried a bock yet, but that’s a good option. I guess it depends on your taste preferences.