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Recomendations for Food Saver

I need to purchase a food saver soon. I have about 15 lbs of hops in my freezer and the ziplock food saver bags appear to be leaking. I looked on Craigs List and Ebay yesterday and found a couple. A food saver vac900 (I am assuming used) was selling for $75 on ebay. I tried to look it up on Food Savers website but it’s not listed. I am guessing it’s a discontinued model. Is $75 a fair price. Is the 900 a good model? I prefer one that will take the roll bags as I have about 100 feet of them.

Are their any models anyone can recommend?

I had a problem with FoodSavers a while ago where very quickly they would stop vacuuming and seal the bag too soon. This happened with some models that had basically “one button” operation. I bought a few that had to be returned to the store. The one I have now has a “canister” (or “accessory”) button that just vacuums, and also a “manual seal” button that just seals, and it works great and also gives me confidence that I could just operate it manually if it ever starts to fail like the other ones did.

This model from Target (the V3440) for $142.99 looks like it would be good: ... etailimage

though I’d think that you could find a similar one for well under $100 if you shop around and look for sales.

Kohls will get you a good deal on a food saver. They often run a 20 - 30% off food saver products promotion, then you add in the 30% customer appreciation coupon you receive in the mail. With these discounts you can pick up a $250 food saver for $125, or a $150 model for $75.

I have been very pleased with the V2450
+1 to keeping an eye on Kohl’s.

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