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Recirculation during mash; continuous or only occasionly?

I am doing 15 gallon batches with a electric RIMS unit for the mash. I typically dough-in and run the RIMS until I get to the exact mash temp desired and then shut it off for awhile. I usually run it for 5 minutes every 15 minutes for the mash (which is what is needed to maintain target temp).

Is there a reason that I should run the RIMS continuosly from an efficiency standpoint?
If temperature was not an issue, does it only really matter to recirculate right before lautering?
What do other people do that run RIMS or HERMS systems?

We usually start our recirc about 50 minutes into the mash, or if we are doing different mash steps. Not sure of any benefit (other than maybe clarity?) of recircing for the whole mash.

Let me preface this by saying I don’t have RIMS/HERMS. But I think I read somewhere that the shearing action of the pump on grains helps with both efficiency as well as conversion. In addition to run off clarity of course.

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