Recirculate Mash without any supplementary heat

I’m asking “What can I get away with?” My scenario, I’m brewing an Imperial IPA tomorrow. I’m in the process of building a brew system, but it’s not done yet. However I want to utilize my pump and recirculate my mash to set my grain bed and clarify my sweet wort. I don’t think I can recirculate for the entire 60 minutes as the temp will fall too much. I’m using a 10 gallon beverage cooler with a spinning sparge arm through the lid so I can keep the mash tun closed to help retain my mash heat. I’ve never recirculated before, and my purpose is to clarify my wort. So could I wait until 15 minutes remain then start to recirculate or should I wait until the 60 min has passed then start to recirculate kinda like a vorlauf. How long should I recirculate to clarify my wort? I could also pump some hot sparge water in to help mash out or hold temps while I continue to recirculate.
Any thought from someone experienced in recirculating would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t bother. The benefits won’t outweigh the heat loss.

Denny I was thinking the same thing. You will lose a TON of heat if you run it without supplementing that heat loss.

10-4, I was worried about that. I’ll mash for my 60 minutes then simply vorlauf with the pump until I’m clear enough then I’ll switch over and fly sparge my sweet wort to the boil kettle.
Once my Kal Electric brewery is done I won’t worry about losing mash temperatures.

I agree. The only time I recirculate is when I have heat on because my MT is a keg. I do it to maintain temp without scorching the mash.
No pump (yet) so it’s pour and stir. PITA