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Recipe with Falconer's Flight. Whatcha think?

10 lbs 2 row
1 lb crystal 60
.5 oz horizon 60 mins
.5 oz horizon 20 mins
1 oz Falconer’s Flight 1 minute


43 IBUs

The grain bill is the same as my Bogart Ale, I’m just wanting to use some different hops for a change. I have some Amarillo and Galena and Citrus for another experiment. I thought this sounded okay, the hop schedule is what I’m wondering about. Sound okay?

Looks really good.

I know you stated your looking for ideas on hop schedule and it seems you have made this same grain bill a few times. I wonder though if a pound of 60L would be too much? I see a max of 0.50# maybe and should still provide the balance you need with 40 IBU and the other .50# maybe adds an unwanted cloying to the beer. Just me/ I use bare minimum of crystal in any recipe. I’m sure its still a great beer just my too cents on that.

Here’s my take on the hops though I say do it up at 1 min or flame out as you have but cut it to half an ounce and dry hop with the other half.

I would swap the .5oz of horizon at 20 with more Falconers Flight personally. Probably an ounce instead of a half.

I only have the 1 oz of Falconer. I guess I waited late in the game to ask for advice, I’m brewing tomorrow. I’m satisfied with the grain bill, though I will do a lighter Crystal for my next beer, just to add some variety. Wanted to hear some opinions, should have asked sooner. The next version will probably have more FF hops. Thanks for the comments and opinions.

I’m sure it will be tasty either way. I tend to go overboard with the hops, I made an APA with with FF earlier this year and used 8oz plus .5oz of Columbus for bittering and 2oz of Simcoe dry hop. It was hoppy :wink:

Looks great to me, but I’d only add that you should let that 1 oz at flameout steep in the hot wort for 20 min or so. Liking the simple malt bill too.

+1 I just made an American IPA with FF at 15 and 5. Used the blend before and love it.

FF makes for a very tasty APA. Here’s mine which is a house favorite. Keep in mind, it is for 21 gallons.

I made the recipe as stated above. I didn’t have any more FF to change the additions but I think it will be okay. Will probably add more the next version. Thanks for the replys. Just wanted to say that I pitched the yeast and in 2 hours the airlock was percolating. I’ve never seen activity that fast.

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