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Recipe Volume

OK…so I found an AHA gold medal recipe in an issue of Zymurgy that I would like to try out. I know this sounds so elementary, but if it is a 14 gallon recipe…does that mean at the end of the boil or does that mean into the fermenter? I generally have always understood it to mean at the end of the boil unless otherwise stated. Thanks for clarification.

Yep, I would say the recipe was for 14 gallons of beer (an unusual volume) which would mean you might start with 16+ gallons of wort so you could collect 14+ gallons for fermenting. I do see a number of people who make 6 gallon batches (are they just trying to be difficult? :stuck_out_tongue: ) but it’s all good. Do the math, have enough wort for evap and go. Cheers.

I think this was figuring on getting about 5 or so for two carboys…it calls for 15.5 ounces of hops! I always figure for evap and for loss from trub and massive hop mass.

Actually, this guy probably has a small conical fermenter.

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