Recipe Updates for iBrewMaster 2?

I’ve recently purchased, and started using, iBrewMaster 2. I think its a nice piece of software, and I like updating information on my iPad while brewing. I’ve found one annoyance in it though.

One selling point is that all of NB’s recipes are included…but there are quite a few ‘new’ recipes not in the system.

My question is - does NB provide a way to update the recipes in iBrewMaster2? I didn’t find anything on the website of iBrewMaster.


I purchased Ibrewmaster 2 in June of 2013 and there haven’t been any recipe updates since then. That being said, it came with over 200 preloaded recipes. I’ve just been adding any new ones I’ve ordered through the recipe builder. The only ingredient I have had to add so far is Hop Shot for the Plinian Legacy kit.


I see that you can import recipes in a couple different XML formats. Does NB offer their recipes digitally like this???

FYI - NB told me that there relationship with iBM has ended, so there will be no more recipe/ingredient updates. That explains it.