Recipe Suggestion

Ok…time to clean out the inventory of “left-overs” that have accumulated over a period of time.

Hops that I have:

3 oz BKG
1/4 oz Cascade
1/2 oz of the following: Magnum, New Zealand Pacific Jade, Cent, Willamette


5 lbs Cali Select
3 lbs British Pale
1 lbs Carapils
1+ lbs Crystal 40
1 lbs Belgin Pilsner
1 lbs White Wheat
12 oz Melanoidin
11oz German Munich
8 oz of the following: Carahell, Crystal 15, Crystal 60, CaraRed, Chocolate, and Flake Wheat
7 oz Caramunich
4 oz each of Malt Rye and Crystal 135/165
3 oz Flaked Barley

Open to suggestions…keeping in mind that I don’t have the setup for lagers.