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Recipe reading

Hey guys,
I got a recipe from a local brewery I’m attaching as a photo. I’m confused about the hop timing the way that its laid out. It says wp which I’m assuming is whirlpool at 75 minutes so I dont understand this unless it mean fwh. It almost seems like the times start after the timer starts. Maybe I’m just spacing on something. Any thoughts?

It makes total sense. 75 minute boil so hops in at 55 minutes into the boil, 65 minutes in, and then whirlpool. Looks like this is going to have a heckuva nose on it with everything being so late.

So 20 minutes and 10 minutes and then flameout?

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The beer from their brewery is incredible that’s why I asked them for some guidance. It’s called straight outta portland

I agree it looks weird. They’re times are counter intuitive to how we normally write a recipe. My guess is that you’re correct assuming 20, 10 and FO which is how I would’ve written it.

My question would be why boil 2 row for 75 minutes? If I wanted better hop utilization for bittering maybe…but…apparently that’s not their reason. I’m guessing this is a “juicy” IPA?

It’s actually clear not a hazy

Yep. I think you may want to chill it to around 170 for the WP.

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And let it whirlpool for 30 mins or something?

I usually try for 15 but end up at 10 minutes.

Ok cool
Strata hops arent even an option on beersmith mobile so I’m using an alpha equivalent.

Good luck and looking forward to the tasting report!

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That recipe is gear towards their equipment you have to reverse engineer it for your home-brew setup. The IBUs, being on the high end and without them giving you amounts, is going to not work out for you IMO

We got a brewery recipe once and had to tweak it a bunch. They gave us the IBUs for each hop step too. It actually was a lot of fun! We didn’t ever duplicate their beer but made something close. I chalked it up to differences in water and equipment. Bottom line we learned some stuff and the beer, although not identical, is our daily IPA and tasty.


Yeh the grain bill he sent me didnt even equal 100 percent so… just want to get a close representation

Yeh @squeegeethree it might not work out absolute, but I plan on starting with a 50/50 ratio for the hops they are using and then adjusting from there. It will take a pretty good amount of hops to get to 69 ibus that late in the boil and they must filter it to get it so clear. Should be fun either way.

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