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Recipe Question

I originally started out wanting to make a cider. But after adding fermentables it bumped the abv up to apple wine levels. So I thought about if it was an apple wine. So I looked up all the information I could about apple cider, apple wine, apple meads, and cysers. But the information was fairly variable and nothing concrete as to what I had made.

As far as Cysers go. I’ve read that it’s just cider and honey. With the ratio being a pound of honey per gallon of cider. Or even double the amount of honey. So with being only 4 pounds of honey. I don’t know if it would just be called something else because it doesn’t fall into the one pound to a gallon thing.

In my creation I used 5 gallons of fresh apple cider and 4 pounds of honey. As well as english cider yeast from white labs. The og came in at 1.096. Any information and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone.

Well with what info. you gave, it looks like look made an applewine of around 10%abv. It most likely will be very dry, and very potent! What further info. were you looking for?

That’s it really. I’m just trying to figure out some at least semi solid idea on what I’ve been making since there’s been nothing concrete in the tons of information I’ve been looking at. So thank you tons for your input! I really appreciate it man. Especially since I’m just a beginning brewer. I’ve run into so many trolls and aholes in my search for information. I know I may not word or describe things in the best way. But I’m learning.

Copied this again from the wine thread…

It’s all based on taste. How does it taste??

If the honey flavor is pretty obvious, then I would call it a 25A Cyser.

If you can taste the honey but it is mild while the apple cider flavor is clearly dominant, then I would call it a 28D Other Specialty Cider, where in this case it is an English style cider, applewine strength due to added honey. See the following link where it says, “A cider with added honey may be entered here if the cider character remains dominant. Otherwise it should be entered as mead in the cyser sub-category.”

If you really cannot taste the honey, then it’s a 28A New England Cider.

Thanks so much Dave! I just saw that reply in the other thread. Figured I’d reach out to different people because I really didn’t know for sure what I had made. I really appreciate it. Especially with all the snobs and jerks I’ve run into today. Happy brewing brother! :cheers:


I too am brand new at cider brewing and have added honey to mine. Out of curiosity, how long has yours been fermenting? Is it finished?

About 11 days. It went from 1.096 to 1.042 when I checked on the 22nd. Just waiting for it to drop down to appropriate levels.

At that level of alcohol, I would not call that cider. Don’t know if there is an official definition of what makes a “cider” vs. a “wine” or “mead”, but I’d think the logical cut-off would be an alcohol level of 9 or 10%. Below that, it is cider of whatever style, and above that it is cyser if the main source of sugar was honey, and apple wine if the main source of sugar was something else. So in my opinion, you made a cyser.

I’m sorry you’ve been running into a**holes. Of the various forums that I’ve spent some time on, people around here seem to be the friendliest. Afterall, we all started this hobby at some point and the help from others are what kept us going.
Good luck. I hope you enjoy your creation- whatever you wind up calling it. :cheers:

I wonder if you arrested fermentation at let’s say 1010 for some sweetness by adding apple brandy. What would we call it? Fortified cyser or port apple mead ect… I’ve been recently planning on making some fortified concoctions as a way to get sweet wine more naturally without sorb ate.

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