Recipe Question

Hey y’all

Question about a recipe. It’s my third batch, and probably a little early to be building. We had a LHBS open locally, and I decided to try to put something together from their current ( rather limited ) stock. Figured more support, would drive them to carry more stock… anyways…

Extract batch:
Boil Volume 3gal
Final Volume 5gal

3lbs Briess Pilsner Light DME
3lbs Briess Golden Light LME
1lb Briess Traditional Dark DME

Steeping Grains:
1lb Munstons Marris Otter
1 lb Briess Caramel 40L

Hop Additions:
45 min - 0.25oz Millenium pellets
30 min - 0.25oz Nugget pellets
15 min - 0.5 oz Millenium pellets

Yeast: Safale US-05

OG: 1.066

Curious what type of beer you would consider this? Feedback to the build?

Hey Dr.,
Just for fun I plugged this into ‘’.
Their calculations show OG=1.062, FG=1.014, 9*SRM, 35.6IBU, 6.4% ABV
Best style fit would be English Special Bitter. American Pale Ale is also close.
It’s a little low on IBU for English IPA. If you like that style you could add a little more of the millenium at the 60-45 min point, or a little more nugget.
The maris otter should be mashed to get the benefit of it. Hold temp at 150-155 for 60 min.
Have fun brewing it!

Yeah, was worried I bungled the steeping grains portion. The mashing complexities are still a bit beyond me.

You can do it!
If you are going to be steeping your grains, then just make sure you have a good thermometer and keep track of the temp. If it drops below 140, add some boiling water. Most important, don’t let it get above 165. It will be mostly converted in 1/2 hour. 1 hour will be better.