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Recipe problems

I’ve got this Bourbon Stout that I’m really looking forward to making (preferably today), but my LHBS is missing a few ingredients. I have to choose between 75L and 120L Crystal Malt instead of 90. But, I don’t know what to use in the place of 6 Row Pale and Belgian Biscuit. Here’s the recipe as it’s supposed to be. I’m totally skipping the smoked malt for now, possibly adding an oz. of peaty scotch like Laphroaig to the secondary or leaving it out altogether. ... -oak-stout

With as dark as that should be you wont notice the difference between the crystal malt if you go with either the 75 or 120. Unless you are doing a mini mash then you wont even need the 6 row. I doubt you will even taste that small amount of belgian biscuit but victory should be an adequate substition.

Would I be out of control letting go of the biscuit and 6 row and just going up to 1 lb. of chocolate malt? I really wanted a good presence with that malt in the first place, but I’m really not good enough to take control of a recipe like that just yet.

There’s no reason to use 6 row. 2 row would work just as well. But at only 8 oz. you could just skip it, too.

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