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Recipe interpretation

I am going to try the Barley Phillip Irish Red recipe that was in the Zymurgy magazine (last month I think). Anyway I get confused when instructions say add hops “@ 60 min”. This recipe calls for a 90 min boil so do the hops go in after boiling for 60 min… or do they go in when there is 60 min left in the boil ?

Boil for 90 minutes, after 30 minutes add your hops when there are 60 minutes left to boil.

There’s virtually no difference between a 90 and 60 minute hop addition, so add at either time.

Usually hop additions are for time left in the boil. Sounds like this one you would be boiling for 30 minutes then add the hops and finish the boil with 60 more minutes.

Thanks guys! I kept second guessing it. Too much time behind the snowblower today I think. Close to 20" so far with this storm. Perfect time to plan the next brew.

Thanks again!


I’ve never really found a red ale recipe that I like.

Just out of curiousity what made you choose this particular recipe?

Well no real compelling reason other than it was stated as an award winning traditional style ( they talk of Americanized versions that add too much for hops and other stuff). I have been using the Irish red as a filler/ session beer to have on hand. It’s pretty simple and quick to get on tap.

My other reason is I have mainly just buying kits fron NB and wanted to try something different.

Wow, what happened there on your original post… I’ve got a whole bunch of vertical lines… Trying to show us how deep the snow is? :smirk: Sneezles61

Just curious, what do you not like about the red ales you’ve tried?

I tried to cut and paste the recipe but apparently the formatting was incompatible.

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A few too sweet. A few too dank which led to the realization that I really don’t like fuggles. I did like the ones fermented with Notty the best as I recall. They were cleaner. I also liked it better after a few months cold storage. Still never found a recipe that would make me commit to 10 gallons.

Other people liked the red ales. Maybe I just got tired of malty, ale-y, full bodied ales. Last couple years I’ve just brewed lagers and IPAs.

Back to the OP’s recipe I agree with the guys above. Hops boiled for 60.

My two cents…there’s no benefit to a longer boil. Might darken it so if you’re gonna boil 90 you may not need so much roast barley. More importantly, scale the recipe to your system and calculate your efficiency. On my system that would be a sweet beer for my taste. I’d get an OG of 1.052 and 23IBU. The IRAs I liked best were a bit more dry and bitter.

I’ve not been a big fan of IRA’s too. But, our local brewery has one on tap, and last Thursday we stopped to quaff a pint, his was flat… Now that was a better tasting one! I told the brewer, he sampled and agree’d. I’ll find out tomorrow if he left it very low carbed… Malty, not in a sweet way though… Balanced bitter/malt, faint hop in the background. Smooth. Sneezles61

I also believe the red ale is often over carbonated. In my opinion it is a bitter and should be served like one. I make what I call a red ESB

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