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Recipe Ideas for leftover grain

Making a 6G batch of my blonde ale for Christmas Eve at the in-laws. Don’t know what I was thinking, but I crushed 4 extra pounds of pilsner malt. At first I thought I would just make a bigger batch of my blonde, but I only have an 8 gallon brew kettle and I am running into a capacity issue.

So, I think I might like to do a smaller BIAB batch with the leftover grain. I will also use the opportunity to grow up a starter for a batch on our 1/2 bbl system. I was thinking of maybe an all-pils beer with some Hallertauer or maybe even Saaz (since I have a bunch) and a german lager yeast fermented at low ale temps, as our next beer on the big system will probably either be a schwarz or a pils. Would this totally suck?

I could also be a complete maniac and inoculate it with a piece of my Kombucha SCOBY! Hmm…

You could make a traditional table beer using spent grains with a small amount of fresh grains to increase it a bit. Might make a nice sessional beer if you are into that.

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