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Recipe help

Hi everyone. I was wondering if recipes change if the boil amount changes? I am currently just a partial boil brewer and would like to brew a recipe that calls for a 6 gallon boil. Do I follow the recipe or do I have to modify it for a 3 gallon boil?

The recipe is Jamil’s Christmas/Holiday ale, a big beer 1.091 OG.

90 min boil

11 lbs pale ale DME (Muntons Light)
.75lbs caramel 80l malt
.25lbs black simpsons malt

Horizon hops 1oz 60 min
1 tsp of spices 1 min

wy1028 or wlp013 with big starter, about 3-4 liters with shaking a couple time a day.

Also, what is the best way to aerate a big beer? I usually just shake the hell out of the carboy before adding the yeast, but I have a feeling this might not be enough for this size beer. NB has a aeration system for 30 bucks, would this be sufficient?

Thanks. Any comments would be appreciated.

Some other brewers may correct me on this but in my opinion you do not need to adjust your recipe for a 6 gal boil. When you brew you usually lose around a half to full gallon depending on your setup and environment. You are still trying to achieve a 5 gallon batch volume so you would base your ingredients for that. If you are going for a 6 gallon batch size then yes you would need to adjust your recipe since you are going for a larger end product volume.

As far as aerating your beer I do it the same way as you. Sure aeration stones are nice and all but I think that when you pour your chilled wort into the fermenter and then shake for a few minutes you get a sufficient amount of oxygen into the wort. I have never had negative fermentation results as far as I know and have brewed at least 60 recipies, but for 30 bucks…a new gadget is always cool to have though!


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