Recipe feedback please

I am making a psuedo lager with Wy2112.
10 Gallons, All Grain
15# 2row
2#Vienna Malt
0.5# wheat malt
nugget hops for bittering
Sterling hops flavor, 2 ounces for last 20 minutes.
OG about 1.050, IBUs about 35

I have not used Sterling hops, more or less flavor addition?

I have not used Sterling either but it appears to be similar to Saaz. If you are worried about too much flavor why not split the two oz and go 20 min for one and flame out for the other? It’s an aroma hop by the description I read anyway.

Why the .5 of wheat? Good for head retention but the protein may make it a little harder to clear.

2112 is a good choice for a pseudo lager if you can’t ferment at lager temps.

Honestly I think your recipe will come out good as is if you don’t want to change a thing.

I’ve only used Sterling once, years ago and can confirm that it is pretty much the same as saaz, so this will have the characteristic pilsner hop character. I’m not sure you’ll get anything from the wheat; you can leave it in there or take it out and I don’t think you’ll be able to tell the difference.

Looks tasty; should be good.

Sterling was bred from Saaz so is good in pilsner with the benefit of higher AA%.

I use a pound of wheat in my Pilsner and have no problem getting it clear. It’s only 10% the poster is using way less than that.

I usually use 5ish % wheat in my pils, specifically for head retention. Not at all sure it does anything for the beer, but it helps me sleep at night :wink:

I like the idea of using american ingredients for traditional styles just for fun, so I’ve played with Sterling, Crystal, Newport, and some others. I don’t recall Sterling having quite the same bite as Saaz, but then again I haven’t been that happy with that aspect of my pilsners in general even when I did use Saaz.