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Recipe feedback - partial mash pale ale

Love some feedback - this is my first recipe. Used a calculator on brewers friend and it seems to check out, but I’d love some thoughts from the crowd. Got about 14 extracts under my belt and a few partials at this point and I’m ready to take the plunge.

This will be a hoppy pale ale SMASH partial mash with marris otter and citra hops. For the record, I like hoppy flavor and aroma, not a huge fan of bitter. That said, I want to make sure the sweetness of the malt is balanced.

7 lb marris otter grain steeped 1 hr @ 152.
3.15 lb marris otter extract

5 gal batch and 3 gallon boil

Hop schedule :
.5 60 min
.5 30 min
.5 15 min
.5 10 min
.5 5 min
.5 dry hop last 7 days of fermentation

According to the calculations it will give me an og of 1061 and fg of 1014 w/ an abv of 6.15%
Ibu 37.20

I’m not sure about the yeast and I’d love suggestions. I’m thinking wyeSt London iii or danstar Windsor.

What does everyone think?

Those both sound good for an English style pale ale.

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