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Recipe Design webinar

I’ll be doing a Zymurgy Live webinar covering recipe design and evaluation on Tues. 3/28 at 6 PM PDT. It’s available to all AHA members and if you can’t make it that night there will be a recording available. During the live webinar you’ll be able to ask questions.

For more info, check out


Thanks! I’m definitely looking forward to getting an idea if what I think about developing recipes is on point with conventional wisdom. Seems like as noob I’m just little off point on occasion.

This was helpful, too:

I finally sat down and listened to the cream ale episode from Drew recently and now I’m hooked. I’m working my way through the back episodes; very enjoyable.

Yep - Saved the link and am looking forward to listening…and the ukulele.

Oh great, they throw your name out there and NOW your finally hooked, er, pinned? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sneezles61

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Glad you guys enjoyed the Brew Files episode. It was really fun driving Drew crazy!

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