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Recipe check please *Newbie*

Hello, so I roughly made this out of three different recipes, I know its not simple, but am wondering if anyone sees problems with it. It is to be a corn whiskey wine but will not get distilled. I’m a newbie so don’t be to harsh!!

1 Gallon water
½ Pint of apple juice
½ Pint double filtered dark roast coffee ??
1.7 Pounds flaked maize – 771.107 grams
8.0 OZ of crushed malted barley – Briess organic c-102L
1.5 OZ Oak chips
1.5 Pounds of honey
.5 Pounds of sugar in the raw
1 Cup of pure maple syrup
2 Tsp. acid blend
1 Campden, crush
1 Tsp. energizer
Pre-made liquid Whiskey yeast

1 Gallon of water heated to 165 F, when Temp is reached cut heat. Seep barley for 10 minutes in bag, add flaked maize in bag, tie to side. Stir till heat is 152 F, then add honey, sugar, apple juice, Coffee and maple syrup. Wait or cool to 70 F then add chemicals (no yeast). Stir for 5 minutes then add oak chips. Cover primary bucket. Wait 24 hours then add yeast and airlock. Keep in primary for 5 days, stir daily. Syphon into glass jug add stopper and airlock. When fermentation ends (around 3 weeks) syphon and filter. Syphon and filter again if cloudy.


No offense sounds gross and the steps seem strange to me.

it will most certainly kill brain cells…

I actually can’t provide a whole lot of feedback as I’ve never made something like this…but I’m not sure I’d want to :mrgreen:

I say brew it and post back here with results :twisted:

This right here.

I can’t really offer any insight on the recipe, other than to say it looks like it would turn out pretty terrible. It looks like you’re just tossing everything into the pot and hoping it turns into something awesome. Use cooking as an analogy. Take three great recipes, then mash them all together. Toss in every herb and spice in the house for good measure. Sound good? Didn’t think so. That’s what this is.

As for the recipe-making process, it looks a lot like one of those new-brewer pipe dreams that can only be thrown together by someone with a bunch of enthusiasm and inspiration and zero know-how and experience. Do some reading, learn the basics, and start simple. Decide whether you want to brew a beer, a mead, or a wine - not all three at once - and go from there. Build your recipes up as you learn the art and science rather than starting with the most complex thing you can imagine.

We all want to design and make that amazing brew. Just do yourself a favor and don’t try to start with it.

I really don’t have much input here as I have never tried anything like this - unlikely anyone on this site has.

Did you get this recipe and process from someone who knows what they are doing?

I would say keep it a little more simple. A lot of things going on there that could really turn into a train wreck.

Were the three recipes you referenced all simpler than this? I would go back and try one of those first and see where it gets you.

The fewer things you try to do, the less chance you have of mucking one of them up.

If you have to ask…“coffee?”…then no.

My other question would be this…have you ever tried corn whisky wine before? and did you like it?

I have never tried it so I can’t comment. Never even heard of it.

Also, do these recipes date back to prohibition?

So I can’t really comment on the recipe or end results because I’m not really sure what you’re going for. I can’t really imagine this would work very well from a flavor perspective, but I’m all for experimentation especially on a small scale like this. I can make some suggestions from a procedural standpoint, though.

First of all, you need to mash the flaked maize with a base malt, otherwise there are no enzymes available to convert the starches in the corn to fermentable sugars. The Crystal malt your recipe calls for contains no enzymes. Either replace it with 1/2 pound of pale 2-row or 6-row malt, or (if the Crystal malt is there for flavor) add an additional half pound of pale malt to the steep to ensure the maize gets converted.

I would also recommend that after the mini-mash is done you bring it to a boil for 10-15 minutes to get a hot break to help coagulate some of the proteins from the grains so they will eventually drop out of solution. Then you can cool and add your juice/sugar, then follow the rest of the steps from there.

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