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Received a birthday present today

In laws stopped in this afternoon. Brought me a birthday present. Seventeen cases of 22 ounce bombers and a wing capper. Sister of my wife got them from a home brewer getting out of the hobby in Rochester, MN. $4.80 a case. They have always liked my beer. They will be getting a lot of wheat beer and saisons that they like for Christmas.

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17 cases! They must really want you to get to work! Good score!

Yes, what a score! AND Happy Birthday! Sneezles61

Wow. Awesome

The seventeen cases were quite a surprise. Now I have a total of 27 cases.

A few weeks ago almost bought a wing capper for a spare in case my old bench capper failed during a bottling session. So the gifted capper is equally nice.

Iā€™m still trying to find a new home for three to four 24 bottle cases of Pilsner Urquell bottles. These are the older heavy glass bottles.

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