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So I bottled an IPA over the weekend, and looking at the bottles this morning, there is WAY too much sediment in the bottles.

The brew is only 2 days in bottles, so I can’t believe much action has developed w/ the priming sugar.

Will rebottling work?
If I rebottle, will I need to add more priming sugar, or since I already did that once, should there be sufficient priming sugar already in the batch?
Or just leave it alone and serve it in glasses, pouring slowly.

(Unfortunately kegging isn’t an option for me…yet)


I vote for leaving it alone. HB is always better in a glass!

rebottling would just be an extra sure way to contaminate an otherwise dandy beer. Just keep them undisturbed for as long as you can stand it and always serve in a glass. Think of it as “practice” for the perfect pour.:spades:

I have to agree with the others here…leave it alone…it’ll be fine…pour it into glasses to serve and leave 1/8" on the bottom of the bottle and you’ll be fine! Enjoy that IPA! :cheers:

Thanks everyone. I’ll leave it alone and will see how she samples in a few weeks.

The brew is aptly named “Distraction IPA”, given how the brew experience has gone.

This is definitely a life-lesson beer. It’s always fun!

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