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Reassurance on first cider needed, please

We’re fermenting our first batch of hard cider. I pitched the yeast last night (Redstar Pasteur Champagne dry yeast in a 600 ml starter on stir plate for 24 hours prior) and it is fermenting slowly (compared to beer) today. Starter had and now the airlock has a sulfur smell that reminds me of hefeweizen yeast action.

Please tell me this is normal for this variety of cider yeast. If it is, I’m not worried because I know it will degas in time.

Sulfur is a very very common product of cider fermentation. Don’t worry about it one bit. It will gas off and all age out over time.

Thanks for the reassurance, Dave. Its been fun trying something new.

+1 Nothing to worry about.


I’m a homebrewer too - I am also brewing my first hard ciders.

Compared to ale/beer fermentation - the one thing I have noticed is that cider fermentation is much “gentler”… My bubbler is active - but the bubbling is “softer” - not as agressive as when I’m fermenting beer.

+3 I brewed house IPA and started a 3-gal batch of cider last Sunday and by the end of the week the sulfur stink had completely overwhelmed the hops in the walk-in.

Thanks, everyone. It is fermenting quietly (compared to beer) but well. I’m looking forward to trying our first cider effort in a month or so.

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