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Really fast carbonation

So I bottled an American blonde on memorial day. And I just drank a bomber to test,taste, sample. Its already really well carbonated and looking at some of the other bottles, there’s a decent size layer of sediment on the bottom.

I’ve never had a beer carb this fast ( 5 days?) I was thinking maybe the beer just had enough left over yeast to go right to work on the priming sugar? I didn’t bottle it till three separate readings over five days read 1.012.

I’m not complaining. Just curious.

What temp did you have them stored at? Warmer than normal?

Ya, they’ve been in the garage. Which is where I usually store all my brew. But here in southern California, it’s been warming up. I guess that would make sense.

You’re probably fine…

Quick carbonation can definitely be a sign of an infection. If the sediment is ‘fluffy’ and, if when you hold the bottle by the neck give it a little spin, the sediment pops up off the bottom and swirls a little bit…you could have a wild yeast or lactic acid bacteria that was picked up in the bottling process. Another infection indicator is if the head has larger, thin bubbles and it dissipates quickly to little to no collar of foam.

If you have these symptoms, watch the flavor over the next week to two weeks. Depending on the yeast/bacteria the brew can develop flavors from satisfyingly tart…to bubblegum solvent bitterness. If the worst happens (strong off flavors) you can try lagering the beer for a good several weeks…much of the compounds will have coalesced and settled out…but the sediment will be nasty so decant carefully.

That is a worst case scenario…you are most likely fine.

Well I didn’t notice either of those things. But hey, gives me a good reason to try another one and see. I’m usually a really clean brewer. I take alot if extra time making sure. But I’ll try another one later and see.

Lower starting gravity beers carbonate faster. Beers at warmer temperature, say in the 80’s, will carbonate faster. It’s possible that a combination of lower OG and higher temps got you carbed up quick. I’ve had this happen a few times too.

Well I noticed that the head is a little “light” no retention really.

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