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Really dumb question here

I have a really dumb question and while my mom said there is no such thing as a dumb question I think this one wll prove her wrong.

I have noticed that after I drink my hombrew I get really bad gas, the hefeweizen was worse than the amber. 1 is this normal? 2 is there a way to minimize it?

Luckily, I cannot sympathize with you, but there are a variety of threads that I have seen on this topic: ... as-135066/

Your mother is still right - this question is not dumb. This happens to most new homebrewers.

Homebrewed beer has more yeast floating around than most commercial beers. Hefeweizen yeast in particular will be throughout the beer instead of just clumped on the bottom.

The good news is that your body will become accustomed to the increased amount of yeast. Your gas problems should subside over time.

Leave your bottles in the fridge for a while to help drop the yesat and be really careful when pouring

I had the same problem. Blichmann beer gun solved the issue!

Outstanding my wife will be happy, she was going to make me get a Dr. appt cause she said it was not normal. Funny that the beer did not affect her as much or maby she just hid it better.

On a side note my two yr old thought it was funny. Thanks for the responses.

I (and my wife) have noticed since I started homebrewing, I’m a lot more gassy than I used to be. Of course, this gives me the excuse to just launch an air biscuit anytime a want, so I consider it a plus. Just blame it on the brew.

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