Real foamy on my boil

I did my prepro lager ag this weekend. As I was boiling the wort, it was very foamy though out the whole boil. I know the hops have a huge reaction, but even after hops, the boil was foamy all boil. I followed the recipe. I used this pot to boil water for sanitation just before. I did not do a gravity test.

Did you have too vigorous of a boil going? You can usually get the malt foam overs if you are putting too much heat into your boil.

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Could have been the 6-row. I’ve never used that much 6-row in a beer, but I’ve used malted spelt which is also pretty high in protein, and the amount of foam was incredible.

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I did not think of that, but the boil was vigorous.

I checked the fermenter , the wort was churning in the fermenter. I never seen the liquid move before like that. I will say ,that I did put 2 pack of yeast. The first yeast was a wyeast Pilsen and the other was a saflate 34/70 dry lager.

NB sells a product called Fermcap-S which helps reduce the risk of boil overs by reducing the foam. It’s supposed to settle out and not effect head retention in the finished beer. I have used it off and on, and it does seem to help. You always have to watch the boil though!

A bigger kettle is needed, and a vigorous boil is good! Sneezles61

OH BOY!!! Going let my wife know that sneezles61 said I need a bigger kettle…
I learn something new everytime I brew.I only been doing all grain for 2-3 years. I learned this time around about the saac rest and what it does and why we need to dump it back over the grain. I thought that the grain would catch the sugars, not be used as a filter. I ended up watching a few videos to figure things out.