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Ready to start Kegging... what to buy?

So , obviously I’ve never kegged . What do I need. As in, which type, corny, sanke, ball, pinn, who to buy from… HELP!!.. ha! Just looking for some input, from the extroidnary group I’ve become to rely on !! I want at least two kegs, picnic will work for now, will eventually convert full size fridge… just on a budget, as many of us are! Thanks in advance for any help!!

I use the pin locks since they are cheaper. AIH has them for $34. Shop around for your gas and liquid lines I think those are about $12 or $15. Then a regulator another $60 or so. Go to your local gas supply for a used 5gal co2 tank. You should be able to set yourself up for under $200.

Ok, AIH? I’m sure I know it, but my memory is shorter than my budget…

Adventures in homebrewing

Just an FYI, ball locks are taller but have a smaller diameter, pin locks are opposite. Use swivel nuts on the end of your tubing so you can use mfl connectors for both ball lock and pin lock, as well as commercial mfl tail pieces and you’ll be able to switch without a problem.

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Been looking at tha AIH SITE, 292.00 with a 5# tank. Thoughts?Uploading…

Me got sankee kegs. Heineken 20 liter kegs. Got them cheap. But had to buy regulators who do fit on it. About 40 dollar each. Got tubing co2 line and beer line. Few taps who did go into the kegurator co2 tank. Think total cost about 250$ might be lots of money. But beats filling bottles. And still can fill bottles straight out of the keg. Or a crowler

Don’t forget about a place to put your full kegs!

They gave 4 kegs shipped free for $199.99. $59.99 for regulator. Like @brew_cat said, I would look into buying a co2 tank at the gas supplier. Also, get the biggest tank you can. At my supplier it cost $12 to fill 5lbs and $15 to fill 10lbs.

Yes most important

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Me got a 80cft tank filled with co2. Last me long time. And 63 cft tank as spare if this one runs out

And with the regulator, ifn you can, find one with a knob rather than a small bolt for adjusting the pressure up and down. Why? Some brews you need more carbing, others don’t. And as I found out from some these good peeps here, turn the pressure way down when bottling or filling a growler. Now where did I leave that screw driver at?… Sneezles61

Me got a dual regulator. Where you can easy adjust the psi settings. A big knop to adjust psi .The one i have got as well a pressure gauge. But this reads only full press not actually how much gas left

Check your local Craigslist for draft systems. Used stuff can be inexpensive and the older stuff bullet proof. You will need to convert the commercial keg tap to soda QDs (quick disconnect) but the parts are not expensive.

Check with a local CO2 supply for tanks. A deposit may get you a tank that might not be pretty but will not have to be hydrostatic tested at your expense down the road. They may also just swap out the empty rather than waiting for a fill.

If you know anyone that is in the bar/restaurant business, ask them if they have any soda kegs around. Many suppliers have switched to “bag in a box” post carbonation that does not use the kegs.

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Ebay soda kegs price wise not so bad. As co2 tank. Beter buy or rent. A tank. Even when you think. A used tank. Not a bad idea. Some gas companys. Require. A visual inspection. Or out of date. A hydro rest. Most the time it does make the hydro test. Or not. Dont know the price for hydro in the usa. But here on island a 63 cft tank. 50 dollar

Check out

pretty good prices and great service.

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