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Ready to keg

My first brew has been in primary for 3 weeks. Today or tomorrow I will be
putting it into four 5L kegs. Directions say to use 3 ounces priming sugar for
kegging. Do these qualify as kegging. Is there a better way to go about this?
I’m wide open to any suggestions that will help with this.

The little 5L kegs that I’ve used are not able to withstand “normal” carbonation pressure and I used 1/2 the recommended amount of sugar (for bottling) with no problems. IIRC, 2T (or ~15 grams) per keg was about right (you can add it dry to the keg, then rack the beer on top).

Great, thanks a bunch. Going to have to wait a day or two now.

I am kegging today and I see that 5 gallons will do 3 (5l) kegs with 1 gallon
leftover. I was thinking of bottling the the gallon. How much priming sugar
should I add to each bottle? It’s an Am. amber ale.

Go here and insert your info:

American Amber isn’t on there but go with 2.5vol of C02. Insert 1 gallon and in the last field put the warmest temp the beer got and click calculate. Now you know how much sugar to add for the full gallon. Use NB’s calc if you want to figure out how much for each bottle. Use the same info.

Thanks mvsawyer

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