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Re-Yeasting mistake

I just re-yeasted a high gravity IPA I was bottling to ensure proper conditioning. After I finished I realized I used a different yeast. The original yeast was WLP041 Pacific Ale and the one I reyeasted with was Wyeast 1056 American Ale.

What issues might occur here? Off flavors? Conflicting flavor profiles? Two yeasts battling for domination blowing up my entire batch?

there will be no noticeable difference.

Nope, you picked a neutral yeast and it will be fine to bottle condition with. Besides all you are looking for here is carbonation and not another full fermentation.

You’re good. When I bottled, I added Nottingham. The primary yeast has already done its job. Too much yeast will only leave more sediment, too much priming sugar or incomplete fermentation will cause bottle bombs. Mike

Thanks all. That’s a relief.

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