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Re-using plastic bottles

For those that bottle using store bought plastic bottles do you prep them to eliminate any flavors from the original drink that was in it? The few that I have used were Schwepps tonic water because my Carbonator fit those and the tonic water really never left any flavor I could detect.

Cheap 2 liter soda is in season. Do flavors stick around in the bottle or is it a non-factor?

I use a couple Diet Coke 2 liter bottles for quick carbing samples (using the carbonator) I grab when kegging, never got any soda taste out of them. I didn’t do anything other than give them a good rinse with water.

One of the benefits of PET is that it doesn’t absorb the flavor of the previous occupant, although you can definitely smell stronger sodas (I wouldn’t use root beer, but Sprite works fine). I’ve reused the bottles a half-dozen times, but eventually the caps wear out and to get them screwed on tight enough to hold, it takes a pair of pliers to remove them (that’s when I toss them in the recycling).

Stay away from the stronger flavors, rootbeer/Mr. Pib/Dr Pepper.

Coke/Pepsi and 7-up/sprite are fine with a rinse and sanitize. I think Mt Dew/mellow yello would be fine also. But I don’t drink that style so I have no experience with it.

perfect. you answered my question. thanks all!

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