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Re-using cake from RyePA

I’ve got a Ryepa likely being moved to secondary this weekend, off of a 1272 cake. I’ve seen stated that an optimal cake is around 700-800 billion cells.
Mr Malty lists needed cells for a 1.090~ gravity around 300 billion for a 5 gallon batch.

If i were to pour this wort directly on the cake, would i be in danger of horribly overpitching?

I’ve contemplated rinsing and using half, but I would really like the simplicity of just pouring over…

What gravity was the RPA? Also, if it’s in a bucket, I would take a sterilized ladle of big spoon and take out some of the cake. If it’s in the carboy… just pour it in. Don’t think overpitching would be too much of a problem to worry about.

For a 1.090 beer, using the whole cake should be fine. It would be hard to overpitch a beer with that high of an OG.

I’m also firm believer in rinsing yeast. It’s not a lot of work and just makes more sense to me. Why leave all that trub and all those biproducts in there for your next beer? Just sounds lazy to me. Rinsing is easy and assures you’ll remove most of that extra stuff from the cake.

The OG of the last fermentation is 1.069.

I guess taking both responses into account, perhaps it would be better to rinse. All of my re-used yeast to this point has been rinsed.
Being that I’ll want to save most of this cake, I think these 1 gallon cubitainers I just got will come in mighty handy!!

I’ve read in multiple places NOT to reuse yeast from higher gravity beers. The high end of 1.060 sticks in my brain for some reason. You might want to look into that though. Repitching is great, except when you ruin a batch of beer. That hasn’t happened to me, but would be a real bummer.

Good point! This kit is spec’d at 1.065…I ended up 1.069 contributing that to higher effiency in the mash… Should likely just trash the yeast.
Side topic, but what efficiency does nb design their kits for?

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