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I was planning to bottle my kolsch last Sunday but found I was not ready to rack the BVIP from my bottling bucket to the secondary.

I had already sanitized my bottles before I relized I was at an impass. I put them back into 12 pack cases upside down as I usually do after cleaning.

Do I need to resanitize the bottles?

I think I probably will but wonder if it is really necessary. Anyone go thru a similar experience and have every OK if not resanitized?

get yourself a $1 spray bottle, mix sanitizer in it, and hit those bottles with sanitizer while you are racking to your bottling bucket. Don’t worry about drying them before filling. Better safe than sorry, but as you state, probably not necessary (though I don’t know how clean a 12-pack case can be).

If it were me, I would resanitize. But I’m pretty anal retentive about sanitation, so I get OCD about it.

I sometimes clean bottles ahead of when I need them and I put the clean bottles in a 12-pack upside down, but first I line the bottom with a clean paper towel.

the reality of sanitization in brewing is that there is stuff living on literally everything, unless it is wet with sanitizer or caustic. When bottling, the beer probably has enough alcohol/low pH/yeast still in suspension that it will be difficult for something else to take hold. But I would still sanitize again :mrgreen:

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