Re-Pitching the Yeast

So I have brewed the Caribou Slobber. OG was 1.0048. After 10 days in the fermenter, the gravity was 1.0019. I have heard I may have to re-pitch the yeast. What is the 411 on why I would need to do this (what could have went wrong) and what does re-pitching the yeast include? Literally, just throw more yeast in? Or should I rack it into a brand new, sanitized bucket?

10 days is still pretty short time. I’d let it go for another week or three, checking the gravity once or twice along the way. If you do have a stuck fermentation, the gravity will stay at 19. You could pitch more yeast directly into the fermenter, if it is stuck. My guess is that it just needs more time. By the way, the CS kit does really well with some additional time (either in the bottle or bulk aging in the fermenter). This was the first brew I did. Bottled at three weeks, let it set for two weeks and it was good. Let it set for a couple of months and it was GREAT!!!

My slobber only got to 1.020 after 4 weeks. From much reading it would seem like this is typical for an extract kit. In fact all the extract kits I have done have finished round about that FG. The beer was still good and went quickly :smiley:


I’ve done the slobber extract kit twice. 1st time FG=1.016, 2nd time was 1.019.
I’d say yours is probably done. But check the SG again. And agreed with DrG, leave her alone for a good 2-3 weeks before packaging, then a good 3+ weeks after. This baby ages real well.