Re-pitch ?

Ok , so i brewed a Patersier a little over 24 hours ago . Yeast pack swelled , not quite as much as others I have used , temps and OG were dead on . It was not recomended to use a starter so I just pitched at 78 degrees . 24 hours later I have 0 activity and a slightly sulfur smell . Should I repitch or is this ruined ?

thanks in advance


what yeast and what was the expected OG?

a sulfur smell is common during fermentation. maybe it fermented so fast you didn’t notice, or maybe it is just starting to ferment. the only way to be sure is to take a gravity reading

give it some more time.

Yeast was WYEAST 3787 TRAPPIST… OG was 1.047 and still is as of a few minutes ago . Just never had not even a whisper of activity after 24 hours . I guess I will wait another 24 and see what happens . Worse case , should I make a starter and re-pitch ?

give it some more time. thats a little high temperature for that strain, but that should make it take of quickly. worst case scenario i would just pitch another smack pack

What was the manufacture date on the pack?

According to Mr. Malty, 1.8 packs are needed with a 5.25g of 1.047 OG beer.

My guess, it was an older pack and the yeast are still mulitplying. You should see active fermentation in the next 48 hours. Yes, up to 72 hours after pitching.

Thanks for the input .

She’s bubblin away now …thanks for the input .

it’s nerve raking when nothing happens right? Luckily, most of time the yeast is getting ready to work it’s wild yeast magic and we just can see it

Never have to worry when the pack swells, just patient.

Well being from Texas I know you will get why I worry when we all of the sudden have temp spikes . The day my shipment arrived it was 93 degrees .