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I thought I read about this being done. I have a strong belgian (OG 1.080 pre-sugar) going. I hit it with 60 seconds of pure 02 last night before pitching on a belgian blond yeast cake. I was going to hit it again tonight, but the fermentation is pretty fierce at 68F. It’s already blowing out. I think if I do anything it will be a complete gusher. I was going to add the 2lb of dark sugar at 48hr, but i might even be afraid to do that until this settles down.

Am I just making the re-oxygenation concept up or is it actually done?

I would not re-O2. it’s fermenting hard & fast. there’s no reason for it. when you add the dark sugar, the yeast will eat it up without any help (simple sugars, eh?). I would only consider it if my OG was 1.100 or higher & my healthy starter was having difficulty after 24 hours.

Some people will reoxygenate up to 14 hours after pitching, but not once fermentation has begun.

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