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Re Fermentation

So I brewed the 60 shillings from NB with S-33 Yeast used a starter. Typical fermentation considering the low amounts of fermentables. Anywho I didn’t have a carboy nor a keg to transfer said beer to so its been left in its primary for about a month. I moved it about two feet to make some room and a day later it started bubbling and has a 1/2 krausen. Smells fine but I don’t rule out rouge bugs and I haven’t taken a finial gravity any thoughts on what happened/happening?

I’d bet you stirred up some yeast in your 2-foot shift that decided to chew through some more sugar.

I’ve seen the same thing from batches that I had already measured FG to be spot on. If you move them a bit or raise the temp, it will activate some of the yeast cells. Don’t sweat it, just be sure you’ve reached your FG then rack.

All turned out well. Thanks for the input.
And FYI the 60 shillings is a great beer to have on tap!

I know I’m a day late, dollar short, but just heard Jamil comment on this; it’s true you get some rejuvenation of yeasties and they’re getting it on, but most of what you’re seeing is CO2 being knocked out of suspension. Either which-a-way cheers to you and glad it turned out on the positive!

Yep CO2 coming out of suspension and stirring things up.

Thinking back I think you guys are correct. Since I didn’t have anything to transfer it too It was left in the primary with its yeast cake. It probably had pockets of CO2 which got knocked out of suspension and relatively fresh yeasties from the cake to chew up remaining sugars.

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