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Rate of ramping up fermentation temperature?

Sorry I don’t know if I ask this already. But here the question I know for brewing lager’s one does a Diacetyl rest by raise the temp to 60f to 68f now I know you ferment lager’s at 50f but when it time for the D-rest how many degrees per day does one want too ramp there lager’s up to the temperature for the d-rest . Basically what I am asking is how fast does one want to ramp up there temperature for a Diacetyl rest. An I also see some ale’s call for ramping up temperature too like for example Jamil dry stout recipe it say to ferment at 65f an raise the temp by 6f over the 65f so would one want to ramp up 2 degrees per day until your at 6f over 65f or at 71f ?

I say its way over rated… I will leave at the same temp and when its all slowed to a crawl… a burp every 5 minutes, then I turn off the fermenter and allow it to come to room temp… I do see a continues activity… A week later I will take samples to see where my gravity is at… Patience… Sneezles61

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Same here. I use swamp coolers to control ferm temps so I’ll just pull the bucket out and set it at room temp when I’m ready for a D rest. Usually after 3-4 days for ales and 7-8 days for lagers.

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^^^^^^^^^Right there is some very good info… There may a wee bit of deviation, but a close regiment to that and you’ll have some better than average brews…Sneezles61

I do similar to danny except i usually throw it in our office which is usually around 70-72 degrees. No gradual increase…just straight to business.

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Quit yer whining :grinning:

^^^^ :cry: Sneezles61

Now ur making me :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

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