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Raspberry Wheat clone - hop additions

I’m currently toying around with trying to create a clone recipe to a local beer call Razz Wheat by Jackie O’s in Athens, OH.

This is my first attempt at trying to create a recipe and I thought this might be a good start considering their description seems pretty straight forward.

Considering they use saaz hops and it is a wheat beer, what would someone recommend for hop additions in order to get the IBU’s into a normal range for a wheat beer. I know saaz is typically a finishing hop based on what I’ve read but it seems that I would either need to add a ton of hops late or do a relatively early addition to reach something in the range of 20 IBU based on toying with the beersmith app.

For a 5 gallon batch, I using 6 lbs of white wheat and 4 lbs of 2 row for the all grain for their 60-40 split and that appears that it will get me in the ball park of their 5% ABV.

I’ve never had this beer, but I imagine is has little to no hop flavor or aroma. So you’ll want to just add a bittering charge.

Does it have that traditional hefe character of banana, cloves or bubblegum? I’m guessing it doesn’t and if this is true, use an American wheat strain.

By the color you can tell they age it on real raspberries. Where to start on that… not sure. What you could do is start at 2 lbs/gal in secondary and see where it gets you. You could then add more, or go with raspberry extract to taste.

I have no advice for you, but only seek it. How are you doing this beer? From a beer recipe kit, and then adding your own fruits? How would I get started on this?

Reason I am asking it my wife is demanding I make something for her, but she really doesn’t like (real) beer :frowning: . So I said I would either make a fruity beer like a razberry wheat, or a “Tequiza” like beer.

Ooops, correction, she isn’t “demanding” just requesting! :smiley:

I’ve got a wheat fruit beer I brew every summer, most often with raspberries. I designed this one to have a nice, solid malt backbone but no overly strong beer flavors that would compete with the fruit. Sounds like exactly what Sheldon’s wife is looking for. I brew it dry, but you could add 1/2 to 1 lb of light crystal (15 or 20 SRM) to the recipe to give it more sweetness if that is your preference.

Rebuilt - that beer sounds great. I think I need to work this beer into my rotation. One question - what are your thoughts about using wheat in this grist vs something more 2-row basic? Are you looking for wheat bite or mouthfeel?

Great looking recipe. Thanks for sharing.

I used wheat in this because it really adds no flavor. Most wheat beers get their flavor from the yeast or some other addition, so it seemed like a perfect way to tone down the flavor and let the fruit shine. The beer would work fine without fruit too, but it would be pretty light. Subbing two row for the wheat would make it more like a blond ale.

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