Raspberry chocolate porter

Comments on this extract brew recipe? Raspberry chocolate porter. Looking for a distinguished chocolate and raspberry flavor. Not overwhelming, but not too subtle.

Steeping grains:

  • 0.5 lb Carapils
  • 0.5 lb chocolate malt
  • 0.5 lb crystal 40L
  • 0.5 lb crystal 90L
    7 lb dark LME
    Wyeast 1335 British Ale Yeast II
  • 1 oz Nugget (60)
  • 1 oz Kent Golding (20)
    Cocoa nibs added to secondary
    3 oz raspberry flavoring syrup at bottling

OG= ~ 1.057
IBU= ~ 33

Looks pretty good. I would do at least 4oz of nibs and use raspberries instead of a flavoring.

Agreed… and also use a light extract and add your color and flavor from your steeping grains. Dark LME has a lot of unfermentables. That combined with the other unfermentables you’re adding will leave you with a high FG.