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Random over carbonation and bottles with film of yeast

I’ve had random bottles from three different brews and 2 different yeasts show over carbonation when pouring. I found a very heavy sediment layer stuck in these bottles when checked right after the pour. Hit them with the jet washer with hot water and then cold water. A layer of yeast film still remained in the bottles. These bottles went into a bucket with a weak PBW solution. Over the next couple of weeks checked every bottle after pouring and jet rinsing. 70% of the bottles showed varying densities of a yeast film remaining.

Took two hours to give 6 cases of bottles a short soak and cleaning with a bottle brush in a battery operated drill. Every bottle now gets a soak in PBW and jet rinse. None of the bottles soaked over night needed the brush to come out clean after the jet rinse.

It is peculiar that none of the bottles have any off taste that an infection may produce. Perhaps some off flavors will develop in some of the bottles that will be aged for up to 8 months. (Unless I drink them before that.) Hopefully ultra excessive carbonation pressures will not develop in some of these aged bottles that are already 4 months old.

I’m starting to wonder if my WY 1056 has had too many generations of use and has become much to flocculant.

What are your thoughts?

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I see yeast films pretty regularly, even with US-05 and its clones, when the bottles are stored for long periods of time. Some Belgian-style yeasts seem to leave a film in just a few weeks. If you’re seeing occasional over-carbonation, I’d suspect a bottle infection.

I’ve also found that a little PBW soak takes it off easily. Rather than soaking a bunch at once, when I notice a bottle that doesn’t come clean right away, I like to drop a few grains of PBW in the bottom of the bottle, fill it with hot tap water, and soak it for a few hours. Comes out squeaky clean. If there are a few bottles, the room-temp PBW solution can be poured into a new bottle a couple of times to clean them as well. At least until they pile up, then out comes the soaking bucket.

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When we bottled SOP was to pour the beer, rinse the bottle put some PBW in, then half file with hot tap water. Leave in the sink overnight. Re-rinse and let dry the next day. Never had a problem.

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