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The rain season starts here soon. Wondering if. Someone. Ever used rain water. For their brewing. Only concern i do have. Dont know whats in the water. Me do live on a tropical island. So think not a lot of polution in the air

Now here’s a fun adventure!!! Rain water should be very soft… pH wise? Can you test it?
Id think you could pour through some very fine filter medium and get the big chunks out… My thought… The boil should take care of the rest…
Checz (?) Pils time?

Got a ph meter. So could test it. I could adapt. My carbon water filter. So it siphons. Sort of.

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I’d definitely run it through a carbon filter, then my only concern would be mineral content but pH is the most important and you can confirm/adjust that easily enough. I feel like I recall a recent (last year or so) post by someone who was going to use local spring water.

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