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Raining season

Guess no brew this week still rains. Sort of sucks wanted to brew friday. But what i did. Started to collect rain water. Got about 3 gall now in ten days. Did got a new bucket. Put a panty hose over so keep. The leafs and other stuff out. Once enough water run it true a micro water filter. Only thing. Dont know whats in the water. Dont have a water testing kit

It’s a gamble using rainwater.

Soft water, yeah, maybe hard to determine what, if any stuff to add. Keep it simple, Gypsum, and possible 1/2 tbs yeast nutrient. Don’t over think it, just give it a run, maybe a 2-1/2 gallon brew ? Sneezles61

Doesn’t rain water pick up a lot of atmospheric pollutants.

Like… mercury. And other stuff.

Just like surface water, which is used for brewing. Ever see" how beer saved the world"? I enjoyed the duck pond ale segment. And I’ll let you guys do the thinking…:sunglasses: Sneezles61

,But my well water is filtered by 60 feet of soil. No irradiated rain drops down there, or ducks.

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Yer hoping. You and Pork chop and I possibly have water from this grand aquifer up here that sheds from the Canadian shield, green granite. Which has Radon in its make up. There is what is called NORM, naturally occurring radio-active material. Seems it common up in this area, So, surface or sub terrainien… Sneezles61

Is that why my skin turns green when I get mad?


Very good possibility, er aren’t you guys copper rich? Sneezles61

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